Principals List from the inception of the vidyalaya

S.No. Name of the Principal Period
 From  To
1 Shri P S Kansal 15/12/86 11/8/1994
2 Shri R T Devareddi 19/9/1994 26/6/1995
3 Shri A R Patil 23/6/1995 22/2/1997
4 Shri N D Joshi 29/7/97 5/11/1999
5 Shri P G Rajendran  I/C 5/10/1999 2/8/2001
6 Dr R S Sharma I/C 3/8/2001 27/9/2001
7 Shri C Muthiah 19/4/2002 5/8/2002
8  Dr Mrs Asha Dubey  19/8/2002  30/09/2011 
9 Shri. V S Bhos I/C 1/10/2011 6/10/2011
10 Shri B N P Sastry 7/10/2011 9/04/2014
11 Shri V.S. BHos I/c 9/4/2014 5/6/2015
12 Shri K.Y. Ingale 6/6/2015 till date







Shri K.Y. Inagale

Principal message ....

Planning is a stepping stone to success. I see my dreams cherishing in your eyes only. The aspiration is there to archive by unceasing joined efforts of ours. The well developed child always makes school bloom and can enjoy the fragrance of success. I present this highly aspired institutional plan for the academic 2013-14 with the usual expectation of your kind, whole hearted co operation. This will be fruitful to lead us to success and raise this institution with flying colors’.